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Environmental awareness is growing among the population. And this is a very good thing! Together we can do a lot to help protect our planet and make it a better place for us, and the next generations, to live in. Everything we do counts, even small choices can mean a lot of we unite our actions. Recycling, swithcing to renewable energy sources, consuming products that emit less pollution when manufactured, riding our bicycles or walking instead of using motor transport, and choosing political candidates with environmentalism as a high priority are just some of the many things we can do.



We know that many people want to make the change to a more environmental friendly lifestyle, but not all of them have the information they need to do so. For this reason, we have gathered data about green companies across the United Kingdom, and put it all in one place on your reach. This is the Green Building Bible, an extensive phone directory with information about environmentally aware businesses, both large and small.

Now you can know which products are manufactured while taking care of the environment, as well as which companies have green policies about matters like energy management, resource management and corporate education.

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The complete and revised edition of the Green Building Bible is available for you right now. Contact us today and request your physical copy. We will mail it to you within the next 24 hours. We offer both national and international delivery. For a small extra you can also access our PDF version so you can consult it on the go on your mobile device!

Our additional purpose when we created the Green Building Bible was to give an extra boost to all businesses, regardless their size and area, that make an effort every day to be more environmentally friendly and protect the planet we all live in, even at the expense of short term revenue. We believe that more businesses like them should exist, and they should get all the help to reach success and grow larger. This is the sort of businesses we want to fill our future with.

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We double-checked all numbers in our Bible and made sure they are all accurate. You can rely on this info to contact your business of choice any time! The latest edition of our Bible - which is the one you will get today - is updated with the latest changes in contact numbers and departments of each business.  All numbers you’ll find in our Bible are direct lines to actual departments inside businesses. You will contact people with authority and information who will be able to help you.


Request your Green Building Bible today! Get in touch with hudreds of environmentally friendly companies and change your life for the better! Small changes in your daily life will make a huge change to the planet, and the more we are, the more powerful!