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Green Building Bibles Volume 1 and 2 were in the shortlist of the
RIBA International Book Award for Construction

The 2007 awards for architecture and construction highlight and celebrate the rising influence and cultural importance of writing and publishing in architecture and construction and are therefore presented for books of outstanding merit. The Green Building Press was invited by the RIBA organisers to submit the two volumes of the Green Building Bible for the 2007 Construction Award. The competition attracted hundreds of entries from scores of publishers based in more than seven countries. In doing so it also challenged two groups of distinguished judges to narrow the field to form the shortlists and winners.

The Sir Robert McAlpine International Book Award for Construction recognises exceptional writing on the construction and restoration of buildings, building design and building method, and the use of new materials and technologies across the construction industry. Although the Green Building Bibles did not win the award (which went to Donhead’s ‘Stone Conservation, Principles and Practice’ by Alison Henry), we were delighted that our two volumes were in the shortlist of just seven books.

The two volumes of the Green Building Bible were described as “Going beyond the introduction of the ‘green building’ philosophy and the many styles and methodologies, these books provide in-depth design advice for creating real, low energy, sustainable buildings.”

The Green Building Press was represented at the award ceremony in London, on the 23 May by Richard Nicholls, Jo Moulds, Sue Roaf, Louise and Ben Zass-Bangham, Doug Stewart and Tom MacKeow.

The Green Building Bible, now in its 3rd edition and in two volumes, coinciding with the recent rapid growth in interest and activity in sustainable construction methods, has grown considerably in breadth and depth.


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